Creator FAQ

What is DropChain Labs?
DropChain Labs is a customizable service for NFT creators. Artists, brands, influencers, companies, hobbyists - any use case for creating collections of NFTs for digital or real-world use. The service handles all the tech of smart contracts, minting, scheduling, managing, and running any number of NFT campaigns you require.
What size drops?
Any - 1, 50, 100, 10k, 20k, even 100k.
Can I do reveals?
Yes. You choose the reveal time and our system will take care of it. You will be able to start with a generic image as the image for the NFT, then later update the metadata to point to the correct images revealed for each NFT purchased by collectors when they are minted.
How much does it cost?
How do I generate my NFT collection?
Your art can be generated using many of the available online tools like HashLips. Then you can upload it to your collection. We support batch uploading of files and handle the IPFS side for you.
Do I need to know the code?
No. You do not need to know Solidity or coding to launch your NFT collection.
Can I have a list of approved wallet addresses added to prevent gas wars?
Yes. You will be able to enter a list of wallet addresses that will be able to access different phases of your project before your public drop. You will be able to continually add new wallet addresses to keep the presale list updated with new wallets.
What is a "phase"?
Instead of hard-coding pre-sales and presuming how you want to run your drop, we created phases in the smart contracts. Phases are simply customizable stages into which you can add rules like start and end times, access lists, price changes, supply, etc.
So I can do presales, whitelists, public sales, and all of that?
Yes, plus anything else you can think of.
Can I do the NFT Drop on my own website or domain?
Yes. You can use embed a mint button to your website so that users can use your website to mint your collection.
Do I have to have my own website?
No. If you do not have a website your campaign drop can be run entirely through our marketplace. All graphics, text, and minting can be done on your project page, customizable to your desire.
Can I pause and restart my NFT drop?
How can I upload large collections of art and metadata?
Batch upload in the UI lets you upload thousands of NFTs.
Can I customize my mint button using CSS on my website?
Yes. Using the JavaScript SDK you have control to embed the code and set the correct css styling parameters you want for your mint button.
Can I show my project roadmap?
You can write out your roadmap in the description portion of your collection. Each phase will also serve to reveal your roadmap.
Can you do free NFTs, and just pay the cost of gas to mint?
Can I lazy mint?
Can I set aside some NFTs for pre-determined collectors, customers or VIPs?
Yes. You can add their wallet addresses to any phase meaning only they will be able to access the drop and mint during that phase.
Can I see my drop on Opensea?
Is the smart contract deployment price a one-time payment?
Yes, per project/drop.
Who pays the gas fee associated with every NFT mint?
Your customers will pay the gas fee to mint an asset of your collection. Bear in mind that deploying your contract and revealing your assets will have a one-time gas fee (two in this case) that you'll have to pay to the blockchain. The option for you to pay gas fees is also available if desired.
Last modified 3mo ago